Tom Caxton Real Ale

Tom Caxton Real Ale


As this was my first homebrew, I had a lot of questions, best practice and knowledge was not there yet and as a result I took much advice from my friend Khyle who has homebrewed before and given all the advice to my wife for this present.

After mixing everything in the bathroom and feeling a little light-headed form the hops I moved the first fermentation barrel upstairs into the attic where it was nice and warm. I was very hopeful that the increase in temperature in the attic would be what was required for the fermentation to succeed.

Taking Hydrometer readings each day I painstakingly waited two full weeks before the bubbles stopped and then began to syphon the ale from the fermentation bucket, to the pressure barrel.

There was a decision made not to bottle for a couple of reasons, firstly its cheaper, and secondly it adds to an extra complexity.

So with the ale in the pressure barrel I then began to wait again for the second fermentation to complete before I enjoyed the fruits of my labours.


After another painfully slow two weeks where I had been testing the clarity of the ale every few days, the time came where the clarity came. I finally had my first taste!

As a key influence in getting this brew started I rewarded Khyle with a good 8 pints which was very well received.

I enjoyed a good 37 pints from this batch and although they started a little shaky each additional pint got better and better and is a brew I would love to do again.


I loved this brew. There was a shaky start, but the words of Khyle ringing in my ears to be patient were the best words of advice. The patience revealed a very, very tasty brew and one that I am very proud to have as my first homebrew

Hopefully every future brew will be this good...or better!

RATING: 9 out 10

Catalogue of Homebrew

Tom Caxton Real Ale Wilko Hoppy Copper Bitter
Homebrew 1 Homebrew 2
Homebrew 1 Homebrew 2
First Fermentation 17/08/2012 First Fermentation 17/11/2012
Second Fermentation: 31/08/2012 Second Fermentation: 24/11/2012
Pint Yeald: 37 Pint Yeald: 39
Cost Per Pint: 1.19p Cost Per Pint 39p

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Homebrew 3 Homebrew 4
First Fermentation 28/12/2012 First Fermentation 20/02/2013
Second Fermentation 11/01/2013 Second Fermentation 28/02/2013
Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 25 Pints Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 30 Pints
Cost Per Pint 51p Cost Per Pint 43p

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Homebrew 5 Homebrew 6
First Fermentation 27/03/2013 First Fermentation 10/05/2013
Second Fermentation 19/04/2013 Second Fermentation 24/05/2013
Pint Yeald 35 Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 10 Pints
Cost Per Pint 37p Cost Per Pint 50p