Hoppy Copper Bitter

Hoppy Copper Bitter


This was always going to be a tricky brew. Being the second one and on the cusp of winter. I also put in more sugar with during the initial mixing (approxatly 900 grammes) in a bid to test the mixture.
As I started the brew the temperature dropped to an indoor average of 13°C which is below the recommended 18-22°C

I wrapped the fermentation barrel in an old duvet and hoped for the best. However the temperature kept dropping and by the end of the second week the temperature had dropped to around 8-10°C
When it came time to syphon into the barrel it was not looking as good as the first brew, but the initial taste was interesting! There was a little hitch in that I forgot to add the 80 grammes of sugar which I added after about 10 pints had been syphoned.

I again wrapped the barrel in the duvet and managed to get maybe an extra pint or two from the syphoning from an improved method of tilting!


I had my first taste on the 7th December, the pint was very light and cloudy. It also seemed more pressurised than the first one with a pint being filled in a couple of seconds - but with a very large head.

To the taste it was quite fizzy, which I have put down to starting to drink it before it fully fermented. Next time i'll leave it another week if not more!


Not a brilliant batch, I think the temperature of the fermentation was a key factor as well as the sugar mix. The more sugar, the fizzier the ale which I don't enjoy. Next time I will put a little less in.

The stark contrast between the light and dark ales of the Homebrews I have done is interesting and the first batch was by far more enjoyable.

I would be interested to retry this brew in summer with a higher ambient temperature,less sugar and a proper fermentation period.

RATING: 7 out 10

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Homebrew 1 Homebrew 2
First Fermentation 17/08/2012 First Fermentation 17/11/2012
Second Fermentation: 31/08/2012 Second Fermentation: 24/11/2012
Pint Yeald: 37 Pint Yeald: 39
Cost Per Pint: 1.19p Cost Per Pint 39p

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