Woodforde's Wherry

Woodforde's Wherry


My third brew and already I am become quite accustomed to the process. This batch did not require me to add any sugar to the mixture at the beginning, so only time will tell how this will go.

The inital mixutre went well and I have kept the contain next to the boiler this time to try and keep more heat in the mixture.

As I received some bottles for Christmas, I will also bottle some of this brew..so i'll see how that goes.

Barrel Pint

I had my first taste on the 18th January, the pint was very dark almost like a stout with hints of oak. It is very full bodied with a great after taste!.

Bottled Pint

As this was my first brew I have bottled, I have a little trepidation with how the quality will come come out with the bottled ale. To the eye, it has settled to a very clear dark brew, although there is some sedament at the bottom.

The drinking of the bottled bew was very suprising! Where there is a vinager twing to the barrelled ale there is no such hint on with the bottled ale and has been a success.
There was quite a bit of sedament and I decanted the bottle into a glass and still could not use about an inch of the brew!

In conclusion bottling has worked very well and the mix of the bottles and barrel will allow me to keep more for the future.


So far, this is on a par, if not better than the first brew. I used the same technique on this brew which has delivered excellent results.

If any budding Homebwers are reading this and want to know the technique it is as follows:

  • Keep in the intial mixing container for a full 2 weeks
  • Bottle / Barrel next
  • Leave for 1 further week in secondary fermentation
  • Start Drinking 3 weeks after mixing

The first pint is always a little vinagery if you have not had one in 24 hours or so, so that should be expected, but after that...wow they get better and better.

RATING: 9 out 10

Catalogue of Homebrew

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Homebrew 1 Homebrew 2
Homebrew 1 Homebrew 2
First Fermentation 17/08/2012 First Fermentation 17/11/2012
Second Fermentation: 31/08/2012 Second Fermentation: 24/11/2012
Pint Yeald: 37 Pint Yeald: 39
Cost Per Pint: 1.19p Cost Per Pint 39p

Woodforde's Wherry Coopers British Bitter
Homebrew 3 Homebrew 4
Homebrew 3 Homebrew 4
First Fermentation 28/12/2012 First Fermentation 20/02/2013
Second Fermentation 11/01/2013 Second Fermentation 28/02/2013
Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 25 Pints Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 30 Pints
Cost Per Pint 51p Cost Per Pint 43p

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Homebrew 5 Homebrew 6
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Pint Yeald 35 Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 10 Pints
Cost Per Pint 37p Cost Per Pint 50p