Geordie Bitter


In a throw back to the very first one I did, this had a lot of sugar in the initial fermenation but a quick 10 minutes later and its all fermenting away nicely. No issues.

I left the initial fermentation for three weeks rather than the normal two so I was a little worried about the result. When I syphoned the ale into the barrel it did smell a little vinegary, but I am hopeful it will come out ok

Barrel Pint

This brew is a little cloudy, which I can only attribute to the lengthy initial fermentation. There is a good head on the brew and the pressure is good in the barrel which unlike some of the previous brews pours a pint in a few seconds.


There is a very dry oaky taste with this ale which was suprising, the coloration of the ale is also a little cloudy. Despite the dry taste it is a very refreshing and good quality ale that is easy to drink.

RATING: 8 out 10

Catalogue of Homebrew

Tom Caxton Real Ale Wilko Hoppy Copper Bitter
Homebrew 1 Homebrew 2
Homebrew 1 Homebrew 2
First Fermentation 17/08/2012 First Fermentation 17/11/2012
Second Fermentation: 31/08/2012 Second Fermentation: 24/11/2012
Pint Yeald: 37 Pint Yeald: 39
Cost Per Pint: 1.19p Cost Per Pint 39p

Woodforde's Wherry Coopers British Bitter
Homebrew 3 Homebrew 4
Homebrew 3 Homebrew 4
First Fermentation 28/12/2012 First Fermentation 20/02/2013
Second Fermentation 11/01/2013 Second Fermentation 28/02/2013
Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 25 Pints Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 30 Pints
Cost Per Pint 51p Cost Per Pint 43p

Geordie Bitter Cordon Brew Burton XXXX
Homebrew 5 Homebrew 6
Homebrew 5 Homebrew 6
First Fermentation 27/03/2013 First Fermentation 10/05/2013
Second Fermentation 19/04/2013 Second Fermentation 24/05/2013
Pint Yeald 35 Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 10 Pints
Cost Per Pint 37p Cost Per Pint 50p