Cordon Brew Burton XXXX


Homebrewing over the course of the past year has been a good hobby, and suprisingly simple. Although I am sure there are ways I can improve on my brews, I feel that the process I use and have refined works.

There have been no issues with fermentation

Barrel Pint

This is a very dark brew, the initial colour and smell is rich and bitter. Looking forward to drinking it!

Bottled Pint

I have bottled 12 for this batch.


This was a very enjoyble brew however there was a very large problem with this batch in that the pressure barrel seal was not intact. This meant that the barrel beer went off increadilbly quickly and was not good. I ended up throwing away around 20 pints. In contrast to this the bottled beer was amazing. The flavour and the hops made of a very rich and enjoyable flavour. I cant wait to do this brew again, but bottle the lot.



Catalogue of Homebrew

Tom Caxton Real Ale Wilko Hoppy Copper Bitter
Homebrew 1 Homebrew 2
Homebrew 1 Homebrew 2
First Fermentation 17/08/2012 First Fermentation 17/11/2012
Second Fermentation: 31/08/2012 Second Fermentation: 24/11/2012
Pint Yeald: 37 Pint Yeald: 39
Cost Per Pint: 1.19p Cost Per Pint 39p

Woodforde's Wherry Coopers British Bitter
Homebrew 3 Homebrew 4
Homebrew 3 Homebrew 4
First Fermentation 28/12/2012 First Fermentation 20/02/2013
Second Fermentation 11/01/2013 Second Fermentation 28/02/2013
Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 25 Pints Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 30 Pints
Cost Per Pint 51p Cost Per Pint 43p

Geordie Bitter Cordon Brew Burton XXXX
Homebrew 5 Homebrew 6
Homebrew 5 Homebrew 6
First Fermentation 27/03/2013 First Fermentation 10/05/2013
Second Fermentation 19/04/2013 Second Fermentation 24/05/2013
Pint Yeald 35 Pint Yeald 12 Bottles / 10 Pints
Cost Per Pint 37p Cost Per Pint 50p