Please note that this is currently a work in progress and will be added to!


For those of you wanting to learn or setup a complete Unifi network I will go through two steps here:

  • Initial Network Setup
  • IPv6 Setup

Kit List

All good things start with the Hardware, this is what I am using:

  • Unifi Cloud Key
  • Unifi USG 3P
  • Unifi AP-AC-LR
  • Unifi IW-AC
  • Unifi Switch 16-Port

Controller Setup

Your first decision should be where you will host your controller. You can use a Raspberry Pi, Windows PC, Mac, pretty much anything really.

Another option could be to puchase the Unifi Cloud Key which is a small device that keeps the controller seperate to your network. This is now where my controller is hosted.

Controller Configuration

Once the controller is installed connect your Unifi Switch and USG. What we will do is Adopt these into the network and set some basic settings such as DCHP.

What you want to do next is connect your FTTC to the USG via a bridged router - in my instance its a BT Openreach Huawei Echolife. Add in your FTTC settings and you should get internet.

With your switch and USG in you want to change one of the ports to be Passive PoE to power the Access Point. With this on adopt that and you can setup your Wireless Network.

For the In Wall AP - you need normal PoE so you can set another port up for that and connect the device. This will again let you adopt and start using the wireless network.

At this point you should now have a full Unifi network!

USG Further Configuration

I have an awesome ISP (AAISP who provides me IPv6. To get the USG working with this you will need to add a custom config file. This one is a basic template to get IPv6 Firewall rules and IPv6 setup.

Template config.gateway.json

Applying config.gateway.json File

To get the USG to apply this file you need to add this to the Unifi Controller and reprovision the USG to pull the additional configuration in.

On Linux this should be placed - other controllers will have different locations


To reprovision simply either change a USG controller item on the controller such as the DHCP scope or Static IP of a client.