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aRKaDieM Weather

My Weather Station is a Maplins N96GY (also known as WS-1090) USB Wireless Weather Station which I have connected to my Raspberry Pi2.

The Raspberry Pi was also my web server, but I have since migrated to a dedicated web VM which hosts this site. I had initially captured the weather data into a SQL database on the pi - but I have reverted this as the built in reporting and FTP in pywws was more than I needed and more efficient!

Technologies Used

I also couldn't have done this without reading many posts and the invaluable help of Jim Easterbrook If you ever read this Jim - thanks!

Issues and Problems

There have been a few bumps in the road getting this up and running - issues have been logged here


Tuesday 17th April '18
  • This weather station has now been decommissioned and replaced with an Ambient Weather WH-1401-IP
Monday 26th December '16
  • The weather station has been very solid for the last year since migrating to the Raspberry Pi2.
  • I have upgraded today to the latest PYWWS software of 16.12.0 via pip.
Friday 4th December '15
  • I migrated the weather station to a Raspberry Pi2 and rebult it from scratch. Upgrading the instillation to pip as well as upgrading to the latest PYWWS software of 15.11
  • The setup has been tweaked to be a bit more efficient throught the weather.ini file
  • I have also made the site update every 5 minutes in line with the logging and began playing with the live logging again - however even on the Pi2 the live logging kept crashing the weather station interface.
Sunday 1st November '15
  • I upgraded to PYWWS to 15.07.0
  • I also amended the Social Media section to remove the # extension automatically added to the URL on load. This was interferring with the IPv6 and FireFox rendering of the site.
Thursday 29th October '15
  • Site upgraded to IPv6
Saturday 17th October '15
  • I created a new web server and subsequently updated myh weather.ini script to send the images via FTP to the new web server.
Sunday 9th August '15
  • I moved my Weather Station today to be attached to my TV aerial. This should have the effect of making the wind speed more accurate.
  • The initial position had the weather station in an enclosed area so lifting it up should help with the readings.
Monday 11th August '14
  • I upgraded PYWWS to 14.06.1.
  • I have also taken the time to change the upgrade process to be PyPi so a quick pip upgrade should make future migrations simpler and quicker
  • After the upgrade I need to change the wind speed variables in the charts as per the changes in the newer version
Wednesday 28th May '14
  • I changed the Twitter feed to show daily rain fall rather than hourly.
  • I have also amended the 12 Month charts to show all historic data and altered all of the rainfall axis to 5mm due to the heavy rain we have had recently.
Thursday 15th May '14
  • Added a 'Share on Facebook' button on the Weather Now page
Saturday 29th March '14
  • The LiveLog.py was too much for my pi and as result I have turned this off and gone back to logging every 15 minutes.
Thursday 27th March '14
  • I started playing with the LiveLog.py aspect and have enabled this on the site through the daemon. The 'Weather Now' tab and 'Current Forecast' on the right is now updated every 48 seconds. I'll continue to monitor to see if there are any issues with the site but it's all looking good.
  • Finally got the Twitter feed back up and working after an upgrade of python-tweepy to 2.1
Wednesday 26th March '14
  • I upgraded PYWWS to 14.03.dev1178. Just checking everything to ensure all is working
Sunday 16th June '13
  • I have made some amendements to the Twitter feed, only time will tell if it works. Watch this space!!
Tuesday 11th June '13
  • The Twitter feed stopped working today. Unsure why, i'll look to get this back up shortly.
Sunday 2nd June '13
  • All the reports are fixed now, there was a slight error with the twitter feed, but its all in place now.
  • Using the ftp built into pywws and sym links I have tidied a lot of duplication up on the site making it abit quicker!
Saturday 1st June '13
  • There was a problem with one of the pywws reports that meant the wrong month label was going against the statistics. I e-mailed into the Google Group and there was a fix which meant upgrading to the latest version.
  • I have upgraded to the latest PYWWS version.(Version = '13.06',Release = '1020',Commit = '435738e')
  • In doing so I have 'broken' some of the charts and reports for the weather due to the python 3 requirements in the latest version.
    I will be correcting these shortly to be more efficient with the PYWWS code.
Tuesday 27th May '13
  • Revised the Google Chart page to display a little differently to make it simpler to view current conditions
  • I have also added some CSS to the Menu block at for the weather charts
Tuesday 8th May '13
  • Fixed the lastest weather updates, now back to every 15 mins
Monday 6th May '13
  • Revised the Google Charts to get the rain readings more accuratly
  • Added a statistics page
  • Removed the last 24 hours from the now.php page as this is now in the statistics.
  • Re-wrote the Sidebar 'Forecast' section and in doing so have broken it so that it only updates every hour now. I'll fix this shortly
Friday 5th April '13
  • Added mobile site on m.arkadiem.co.uk subdomain.
Thursday 4th April '13
  • Added Rose wind charts to 6hour, 24 hour (Full) and 7 day sections
  • Added Forecast section to the site, but it currently only shows past 5 days!
  • Re-wrote the forecast tempates to bring the icons in based on the ZambrettiCore rating (available on request!)
  • Added 12 hour Forecast to twitter feed.
Wednesday 3rd April '13
  • Added images to the forcast on side pane
  • Testing forecast module and output methods